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Video Conferencing
Driven by the need for remote communication and collaboration, we provide complete end-to-end video conferencing solution.

It creates an in-person experience with life-like 1080p60 HD video, panoramic seamless telepresence, eye-to-eye contact, sound localization, and dynamic dual streaming. It has conference continuity with nine back up mechanisms, such as service management system, core switching platform, carrier network, network port, access endpoint, power supply, main control board, service board and audiovisual codec chipset. It can run efficient video conferences with voice dialing, SiteCall, one-tap conferences, wireless presentation, and wireless microphones, and maximize return on investment and get excellent network adaptability with multiple data connection types including IP, E1, ISDN, and 20% packet loss concealment.

Solution Highlights

Life-Like 1080p60 Video
High Reliability with Nine Backup Mechanisms
High Convergence and Interoperation Capabilities

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